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The Legal Research and Writing Handbook 7E

Front Cover - The Legal Research and Writing Handbook 7E

Seventh Edition

Andrea B. Yelin
Director, Legal Writing Workshop
Loyola University Chicago Law School

Hope V. Samborn

2014. Approx. 640 pages. 978-0-7355-0789-0. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book


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Designed specifically for paralegal students, The Legal Research and Writing Handbook offers clear coverage of every step of the research and writing process. The authors provide comprehensive coverage in a readable and accessible format.

Look for these key features:
Research tools and strategies show students how to research the law using an efficient research process with both traditional and electronic sources
Step-by-step instruction in the writing process leads students through each stage of legal writing, from prewriting strategies, to revising, covering the IRAC method, legal memoranda, letters, and more
Excellent pedagogy for students, including examples, exhibits, expert writing tips, exercises, practice tips, ethics alerts, and web resources
Detailed subheadings provide quick access to topics
Helpful appendices on Shepardizing and Cite Checking and on Citation
New edition completely updated, with new exhibits and changes in online research.  Specifically, Chapter 10 has been overhauled to reflect the new style of fee based online research and now includes Bloomberg Law
Chapter on case briefing and analysis updated with streamlined cases and a clear building block approach

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