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Contemporary Civil Litigation

Front Cover - Contemporary Civil Litigation

A Unique Text from a Trusted Author

Stephen C. Yeazell
University of California, Los Angeles

2009. 608 pages. ISBN 13: 978-0-7355-6246-2.
With digital teaching slides comprising a complete set of classes covering the entire book.

About the Book

CONTEMPORARY CIVIL LITIGATION explores emerging topics—such as the changing structure of practice, new tools of litigation finance, innovative forms of settlement, and the changing politics of legal practice and judging—for a clear view of the forces driving modern litigation.  Best-selling author Stephen Yeazell brings his trademark logic and clarity to this timely and engaging topic.

• An accessible view of the complex problems arising from a simple litigation
• Examples of the strategic and tactical choices involved in ordinary practice
• Incisive units that focus on the dynamics of civil litigation, contemporary practice, and life as a lawyer
• Timely and dynamic source material that draws on trade press, litigation documents, recent statistical data, settlement agreements, and new forms of practice
• Illuminating discussion of how litigation finance affects litigation outcomes, with insight into the challenges for both for-profit and non-profit law practices
• An integrated view of bar and judicial discipline that helps students to understand the different constraints against which lawyers and judges operate