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About the Book

Problems & Materials on the Sale & Lease of Goods

Front Cover - Problems & Materials on the Sale & Lease of Goods

Sixth Edition

Douglas J. Whaley, Professor of Law Emeritus, The Ohio State University
Stephen M. McJohn, Suffolk University Law School

2012.  416 pages.  ISBN: 978-1-4548-0723-0.
With Teacher’s Manual.

About the Book

A popular and concise casebook, Problems and Materials on the Sale and Lease of Goods, is co-authored by Douglas J. Whaley, a recognized master of the problem approach. Designed as a guide to broaden students' knowledge of the sale and lease of goods, it focuses on the exact statutory language of Articles 2, 2A, 5, and 7 in the Uniform Commercial Code and related federal statutes, while stressing practical problem solving,

The Sixth Edition welcomes new co-author Stephen M. McJohn, an accomplished professor and author of numerous casebooks and law review articles on copyright and commercial law. It has been thoroughly updated to include a wealth of new cases, problems, and recent developments and issues in the field.

Hallmark features of Problems and Materials on the Sale and Lease of Goods:

  • Distinguished author Whaley is nationally recognized for his ability to clarify complex topics and widely regarded as the master of the problem approach.
  • Effective problems approach enjoyed by professors and students alike.
  • Clear and lucid writing style.
  • Modular organization follows the order of the UCC and allows for greater teaching flexibility.
  • Comprehensive case law coverage illuminates the courts’ reactions to the issues.
  • Straightforward and practical problems with interesting fact patterns illustrate the relevant issues and contextualize consumer law statutes and regulations. 
  • Concise, manageable length allows complete coverage of all topics.
  • Accessible treatment of black letter law helps students understand the statutory language in the Uniform Commercial Code.
  • Strong Teacher’s Manual provides sample syllabi, answers all the problems in the text, and suggests the best ways to teach various topics.

New co-author Stephen M. McJohn ushers in the thoroughly revised Sixth Edition with:

  • Important new cases, developments, and issues, including:
  • Scope: problems and cases on whether software is a “good”.
  • Shrinking distinctions between services and goods. 
  • Open price terms, installments contracts, and requirements contracts.
  • Unconscionability.
  • Rising commodity prices and the impracticability doctrine.
  • Interpretation of Hell or High Water clauses in leases.
  • Entrustment and the unauthorized sale of a Warhol painting.
  • Warranty disclaimers on used vehicles.
  • Warranty of title and intellectual property infringement claims.
  • Privity issues. 
  • Statute of frauds and battle of the forms issues in online communications.
  • Whether an aggrieved manufacture may sell specially made goods under the breaching buyer's trademark.
  • When a promise to repair or replace defective goods negates obligation to pay damages.
  • When an aggrieved buyer may get specific performance, requiring the seller to produce the goods.
  • Which papers qualify as documents of title.
  • When banks may get reimbursement for payment under letters of credit.
  • New and updated problems.
  • Updated Teacher’s Manual.