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About the Book

Bankruptcy and Article 9, 2012-2013 Statutory Supplement: Visilaw Marked Version

Lynn LoPucki
UCLA School of Law

Elizabeth Warren
Harvard Law School

2012. ISBN: 978-1-4548-2521-0

About the Book

Feeling guilty about the amount of statutory material you assign?  Now there’s a statutory supplement that saves time, increases comprehension, and makes inaccessible statutes accessible – and it’s a version of the supplement you already know and trust.  

VisiLaw is the soon-to-be-patented, award-winning marking system that makes complex statutes easy to read. These features are unique to the VisiLaw Marked Version:

  • Each mark has the same, clearly defined meaning in every appearance
  • Primary sentence structure is visible at a glance
  • Underlining creates readable sentences-within-sentences
  • Cohesive phrase marks indicate words that should be read together
  • Standardized marks facilitate a variety of reading strategies
  • Boldface makes paragraph numbers and letters unambiguous
  • Variable spacing separates paragraphs
  • Square paragraphs, indented by steps, keep readers oriented
  • Identical in coverage to the Standard Version, so each of your students can make his or her own choice.
Make the VisiLaw Marked Version of the Bankruptcy and Article 9 Statutory Supplement an option for your students this fall.

Benefits to the professor:
  • Provides a foundation for teaching statutory analysis
  • Students prefer VisiLaw marked statutes and will appreciate your recommendation
  • Students in the same class can use different versions
  • Students can read more statutes in the same time
  • See features of statutes you’ve never seen before
  • Saves the time you used to spend marking statutes – year after year