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About the Book

Federal Tax Law

Front Cover - Federal Tax Law

Stephen Utz, University of Connecticut School of Law 

May 2013. 864 Pages. With Teacher's Manual. 
ISBN: 978-1-4548-2245-5 
SMARTe ISBN: 978-1-4548-3524-0 Kindle | Custom Publishing 

About the Book

Federal Tax Law by Stephen Utz is a concise, user-friendly, accessible casebook with practice-ready features and robust online content. This book is among the first of Aspenís new Praxis Series, a suite of casebooks/coursebooks that embodies a new philosophy of learning the law, giving students practical knowledge that will prepare them for bar passage and law practice. 

Featuring a stimulating, challenging, yet transparent presentation, Federal Tax Law retains the subtlety of classic texts while commenting explicitly on overlapping elements of statutory, regulatory and other sources of income tax law. This approach, combined with innovative online companion materials, allows students to see connections between policy and real-world practice. 

Key Features:
  • Modern pedagogy featuring multiple learning modalities, immersive learning experiences, adaptive assessment, and measurable learning outcomes. 
  • Numerous examples richly illustrate the introduction of new material, and factually detailed problems offer students the opportunity test their understanding of each sub-topic. 
  • Interpretive questions after cases and rulings encourage careful student reading of sources. 
  • A robust electronic version of the casebook is included, along with an online companion website featuring videos and practice-ready materials. 
  • Ten videos cover key topics from the book and include student self-assessment. These experiential units give students a preview of practice, requiring creative investigation and negotiation skills for the solution of complex client-oriented problems. These videos are accessible through the Praxis Law Simulation Series Platform. 
  • A more extensive treatment of tax shelters, with diagrams, than any existing introductory tax casebook. 
  • Attractive, accessible, two-color design. 
Additional teaching tools are available: 

  • PowerPoint slides keyed to the book. 
  • Sample Documents for classroom use. 
  • Teacherís Manual containing answers to all problems in the book, sample syllabi, and classroom exercises.