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About the Book

Legal Writing From the Ground Up: Process, Principles, and Possibilities

Front Cover - Legal Writing From the Ground Up: Process, Principles, and Possibilities

Tracy Turner
Director of the Legal Analysis, Writing and Skills Program
Southwestern Law School

2015. 500 pages. ISBN: 9781454852162. With Teacher's Manual. 

About the Book

Legal Writing from the Ground Up: Process, Principles, and Possibilities deconstructs legal writing into a step-by-step process but avoids a one-size-fits-all approach.  This book helps legal writing professors balance the need to encourage original and strategic thinking while providing guidance for students as they develop their legal writing skills. Tracy Turner writes with today’s generation of students in mind, and helps to arm student with specific and powerful tools without shackling their creativity.   

Key Features
• Multiple adaptations of the IRAC paradigm that reflect a different approaches to problem solving 
• Different strategic considerations in selecting the right analytical model for a particular case
• Consistent emphasis on the foundations of legal analysis  
• Proven-effective techniques for continuing skill development
• Visual aids that are transferable learning tools, such as charts and diagrams
• Critical reading techniques, clearly explained
• Visually navigable pages and the author’s direct and engaging writing style
• An intuitively logical organization of content, that easily adapts to myriad approaches to teaching and study

Preface / Sample Chapters