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About the Book

Tort Law: Principles in Practice

Front Cover - Tort Law: Principles in Practice

James Underwood
Professor of Law
Baylor University

2014. 976 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-2718-4.

About the Book

Tort Law: Principles in Practice, an exciting addition to the subject area, is both approachable and engaging for students, with all the tools necessary for the professor to delve into both the practices of tort law and the fascinating, guiding principles behind the doctrines and rules. This casebook offers students an accessible analytical approach to the principle issues in torts. Each chapter, subsection, and case is preceded by brief introductory text that frames the issues under discussion. 

This dynamic casebook features:
  • a blending of both old classics and modern relevant cases 
  • easy to follow organization with clear topic headings 
  • useful text to introduce the larger picture context for each section and case 
  • focused, limited notes following each case to engage the students 
  • numerous strategic problems within each section to stimulate further thinking 
  • engaging text boxes and pictures to capture the students’ imagination
  • sample pattern jury instructions throughout the book to illustrate courts’ efforts to describe the law to jurors 
  • checklists to demonstrate proper analytical approaches to the issues 
  • helpful perspective notes at the end of each major section to summarize and highlight key facets of the materials 

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