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Contracts: A Modern Coursebook

Summary of Contents


Part I Introduction & Contract Formation 
Chapter 1: Introduction to Contracts
Chapter 2: Contract Formation: Consideration
Chapter 3: Conditional Gifts
Chapter 4: Adequacy and Other Characteristics Of Consideration
Chapter 5: The Preexisting Legal Duty Rule
Chapter 6: Promissory Estoppel
Chapter 7: Restitution
Chapter 8: Introduction to Mutual Assent
Chapter 9: Offer
Chapter 10: Acceptance and Other Responses to an Offer
Chapter 11: Irrevocable Offers
Chapter 12: Mutual Assent and the Battle of the Forms
Chapter 13: Statute of Frauds

Part II Defenses and Excuses
Chapter 14: Defenses: Incapacity
Chapter 15: Defenses: Duress and Undue Influence
Chapter 16: Defenses: Misrepresentation and Nondisclosure
Chapter 17: Unconscionability
Chapter 18: Public Policy and Illegality
Chapter 19: Mistake
Chapter 20: Changed Circumstances

Part III Interpretation and Implied Terms
Chapter 21: Parol Evidence Rule
Chapter 22: Interpreting Ambiguous Terms
Chapter 23: Implied Terms

Part IV Breach, Conditions, and Repudiation
Chapter 24: Breach of Contract
Chapter 25: Conditions to Performance
Chapter 26: Anticipatory Repudiation

Part V Remedies
Chapter 27: Introduction to Remedies and the Expectation Interest
Chapter 28: Certainty, Causation and Foreseeability
Chapter 29: Mitigation
Chapter 30: Real Estate, Employment, and Construction Contracts
Chapter 31: UCC Remedies
Chapter 32: Other Damages
Chapter 33: Specific Performance and Other Injunctions
Chapter 34: Alternatives to Expectation: Reliance and Restitution

Part VI Third Party Rights
Chapter 35: Third Party Rights

Appendix: Test Yourself Answers