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About the Book

Contracts: A Modern Coursebook

Front Cover - Contracts: A Modern Coursebook

Ben Templin
Thomas Jefferson School of Law

2017. 900 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-7702-8. 

With Author Letter. 

About the Book

Contracts: A Modern Coursebook is an innovative coursebook unlike any other on the market. The book takes a hybrid approach between a “traditional” casebook and a problems-based casebook, incorporating a more thorough discussion of the law followed by cases then problems. Featuring a unique design that egages the reader and incorporating professional skills and experiential-type learning, Contracts: A Modern Coursebook is a revolutionary, classroom-tested book. Rather than playing “hide the ball,” professors using this book will be able to say, “Here’s the ball. Let’s play catch.”

By incorporating modern learning theory with the traditional case method, this book sets itself apart from traditional casebooks by striving to accomplish three related goals: improving student engagement, efficiently building critical thinking skills, and providing compliance with new ABA Outcomes and Assessments Standards.

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