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About the Book

Litigating in America: Civil Procedure in Context

Stephen N. Subrin
Margaret Y. K. Woo

Both of Northeastern University

2006. 320 pages. Paperback. ISBN: 0-7355-5266-5.

About the Book

Litigating in America is designed to introduce American civil litigation and process to a wide audience: foreign LL.M. students, beginning American law students, undergraduates interested in law, and foreign lawyers, judges, and law professors. This succinct paperback explains the institutional bases and legal meaning of our procedural system, and captures American civil process at a time of change. It presents American civil procedure from several vantage points: the procedural doctrine that has evolved over time; the practical implications of that doctrine; the social context in which the doctrine grew, is used and abused; and the global context of how other systems may have made different choices. It is an excellent supplement to any casebook.

The highly respected authors combine their distinctive skills to create the ideal teaching tool:

  • Stephen Subrin is nationally known for his scholarship in the field of civil litigation and procedure, and he is the senior author of Aspenís popular casebook Civil Procedure: Doctrine, Practice, and Context, Second Edition.
  • Margaret Woo is a leading teacher and scholar in comparative law, who brings her sociological, anthropological and legal expertise to the book. She is the co-editor of East Asian Law: Universal Norms and Local Culture (Routledge 2003).

This new text:
  • explains American civil litigation and procedure and the social / historical / economic context out of which it evolved
  • explores the major themes underlying American legal institutions and civil litigation
  • highlights the interplay between legal rules, doctrine, practice, and culture
  • covers all stages of civil litigation through the use of one hypothetical litigation
  • provides data and results of empirical studies to dispel myths about American civil litigation
  • presents the American legal system within a global context
  • is accessible to a wide range of audiences, including American and foreign law students, lawyers, judges, undergraduates, and graduates who want to understand American civil litigation and law

Preface / Sample Chapters

  • Preface (PDF)
    Follow this link to read the Preface to Litigating in America.