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About the Authors

Joseph L. Hoffmann

E-mail address:

Photo - Joseph L.  Hoffmann
B.A., Harvard College, 1978
J.D., University of Washington, 1984

Selected Works
House v. Bell and the Death of Innocence, in DEATH PENALTY STORIES (John H. Blume and Jordan M. Steiker, Eds.). New York: Foundation Press, 2009.
Rethinking the Federal Role in State Criminal Justice (with Nancy J. King), 84 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 791 (2009).
Envisioning Post-Conviction Review for the 21st Century (with Nancy J. King), 78 MISSISSIPPI LAW JOURNAL 433 (2008).
Comprehensive Criminal Procedure, 2nd ed. (with Ronald Jay Allen, et al.). New York: Aspen, 2005. Also: Supplements 2007, 2008.
"The 'Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clause': A Limit on the Power to Punish or Constitutional Rhetoric?," in The Bill of Rights in Modern America (Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN: 2nd Ed. 2007) (D. Bodenhamer & J. Ely, Jr., eds.).
"Protecting the Innocent: The Massachusetts Governor's Council Report," 95 J. of Crim. L. & Criminology 561 (2005) (symposium issue on innocence and the death penalty).
"Substance and Procedure in Capital Cases: Why Federal Habeas Courts Should Review the Merits of Every Death Sentence," 78 Texas L.Rev. 1771 (2000) (federal courts symposium issue)
"Where's the Buck? Juror Misperception of Sentencing Responsibility in Capital Cases," 70 Indiana L.J. 1137 (1995) (Capital Jury Project symposium issue).
"Habeas After the Revolution," 1993 Supreme Court Review 65 (1994) (co-authored with Stuntz).
"The Supreme Court's New Vision of Federal Habeas Corpus for State Prisoners," 1989 Supreme Court Review 165.


(The Late) William J. Stuntz

Photo - (The Late) William J.  Stuntz
B.A., College of William and Mary, History and English, 1980
J.D., University of Virginia School of Law, 1984

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Stuntz, William J. Fighting Crime: Race, Crime, and Democracy in America (Harvard University Press)
Allen, Ronald J., Joseph L. Hoffmann, Livingston Debra & William J. Stuntz. 2009 Supplement, Comprehensive Criminal Procedure, 2d ed (Aspen Publishers 2009 ed.)
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