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About the Book

Business Organizations: Cases, Problems, and Case Studies

Front Cover - Business Organizations: Cases, Problems, and Case Studies

Third Edition

D. Gordon Smith
University of Wisconsin

Cynthia A. Williams
University of Illinois

2011. 828 pages. ISBN 10: 9781454802686. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

This next generation casebook reflects changes in the structure of business enterprise, incorporates more real-world materials, and provides a wealth of enriching materials on the Web for professors who want wider and deeper coverage of specific topics.


  • Provides clear descriptions of the development and current state of the law.
  • Features fresh cases with interesting facts, while including the major “must-know” cases, that apply the legal principles to modern business structures (such as joint ventures, venture capital arrangements, franchises, new limited liability business forms, cross-border transactions) and to growth industries (such as computers, biotechnology, and telecommunications).
  • Brings the real world into the classroom by featuring short problems and longer, business-school-style case studies based on actual situations faced by identified companies.
  • Short problems at the ends of selected topics give students ample opportunities to apply the legal principles being developed.
  • Lengthier case studies-the most innovative feature of the book-include extensive facts about a situation, information about the business context, and excerpts from transactional and litigation documents, which together provide an opportunity for in-depth analysis of the role of law in business transactions.
  • Separate chapters are devoted to hybrid entities, emphasizing their increasing importance to modern business practices, and to federal securities regulation, providing a detailed case study of Enron and its role in shaping the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • Password-protected Web site includes additional transactional and litigation documents related to the cases, PowerPoint presentations covering the entire book, multiple-choice exam questions, the Teacher’s Manual, and regular updates to keep professors current.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Update cases to address important developments
  • Add Section E: Limited Partnerships to Chapter 2, with a focus on private equity LPs
  • Combine Chapters 6 and 7  (Control of the Closely Held Firm and Oppression of the Minority Shareholder)
  • Generally cut the length of the book.
  • Update problems and add new problems where there are gaps. Old problems removed from book will be added to an archive on the web site.
  • Substantially revise the website and add features to it.