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Business Organizations: A Transactional Approach, 2E

Front Cover - Business Organizations: A Transactional Approach, 2E

Second Edition

William K. Sjostrom
Professor of Law
James E. Rogers College of Law

2016. 784 Pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-6838-5. With Teacher's Manual. 

About the Book

Business Organizations: A Transactional Approach, Second Edition teaches from a transactional perspective and shows how the legal concepts are written in the real world. It provides numerous actual provisions from the various documents corporate lawyers draft and review, so that students gain a sense for what corporate lawyers do in practice. With content selected through a corporate lawyer lens, and emphasis on real-world provisions, this is the only Business Organizations casebook on the market allowing students to work with complete transactional documents (e.g., limited liability partnership agreements, LLC operating agreements, certificates of designation, warrant agreements, and shareholders’ agreements). Numerous exercises reinforce the covered material and help students develop the planning and problem-solving skills of a corporate lawyer as well as expose then to the documents and issues at the heart of a transactional practice. The book also contains more narrative and fewer cases, covering legal concepts in concise explanatory text, instead of judicial opinions.

Key Features of the New Edition:
• New exercises included; many existing exercises fine-tuned
• LLC materials expanded
• New cases, including M&F Worldwide (controlling shareholder fiduciary duties) and Newman (insider trading)
• Additional end-of-chapter assessment questions and answers
• Step-by-step teaching aids for more complicated exercises and new diagrams added to Teacher’s Manual and website.

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