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Synthesis: Legal Reading, Reasoning, and Communication, 5E

Summary of Contents

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Chapter 1 Introduction to the Lawyer’s Roles and the Legal System 

Part One Reading and Reasoning
Chapter 2 Reading Legal Rules
Chapter 3 Reading Cases
Chapter 4 Reading Codes
Chapter 5 Reading Commentary
Chapter 6 Legal Reasoning

Part Two Advisory Communication
Chapter 7 Writing Legal Analysis
Chapter 8 The Analytical Office Memo
Chapter 9 The Advice Letter
Chapter 10 Interviewing the Client
Chapter 11 Counseling the Client

Part Three Persuasive Communication
Chapter 12 The Demand Letter
Chapter 13 Contracts
Chapter 14 Pleadings
Chapter 15 Negotiating with Opposing Counsel

Part Four Advocacy Communication
Chapter 16 Legal Advocacy
Chapter 17 The Motion Practice Memorandum
Chapter 18 The Appellate Brief
Chapter 19 Oral Advocacy

Part Five Exercises

Appendix I The Writing Process
Appendix II Paragraphs, Sentences, Punctuation, and Words
Appendix III Citation
Table of Authorities