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About the Book

An Introduction to the American Legal System

Front Cover - An Introduction to the American Legal System

Fourth Edition

John M. Scheb II
Faculty Fellow, Howard H. Baker, Jr., Center for Public Policy
University of Tennessee 

Hemant Sharma
University of Tennessee 

2015. 552 Pages. ISBN: 9781454851202. Instructor's Manual. 

About the Book

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The fourth edition of An Introduction to the American Legal System provides both historical context and thoroughly up-to-date coverage of all aspects of American law and the legal system. Vivid examples, on-point case summaries, and hot-button issues make this text an obvious choice for paralegal, criminal justice, political science, or legal studies courses.

Key New Features:
• Cases in Point that concisely illustrate how the law applies in the real world 
• Questions for discussion in every chapter that point to high-interest issues for debate 
• Discussions of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions such as the “Obamacare” decisions, the Defense of Marriage Act decision, and key rulings on recess appointments and First Amendment Rights
• Contemporary topical coverage, such as the national security legislation and whistleblowers
• Updated discussions of justifiable use of force, intellectual property, abortion rights, capital punishment, and affirmative action
• A well-crafted design that includes learning objectives and chapter outlines 
• A convenient Glossary of Legal Terms and The Constitution of the United States of America in the Appendices