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Hal Abramson

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Professor Abramson is a full-time faculty member at Touro Law Center in New York where he served for nine years as vice dean responsible for academic programs, faculty development, and international programs. He teaches or has taught courses on administrative law, business organizations, dispute resolution methods including mediation representation and international mediation, government regulation of business, remedies, domestic and international sales, and international business and trade. He has been teaching dispute resolution courses at Cardozo Law School since 2000. He publishes extensively in the areas of mediation representation and international mediation.

At Touro, Hal Abramson established the law schools first summer abroad program at Russias premier university, Moscow State University. As an ABA CEELI Specialist in Russia, he worked on a number of law reform projects when Russia began its transition to democracy. After leaving his vice dean position, he stayed involved in legal education developments by first serving for three years on the Committee for Professional Development (CLE for law professors) of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) and now as a member of the small AALS Resource Corp that facilitates retreats at law schools.

Prior to joining the Touro faculty, he worked in both private practice and state government for seven years, where he first litigated contract disputes in a civil legal services office and then helped formulate business regulatory policies and litigated complex regulatory cases for a New York State agency.