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The American Legal System for Foreign Lawyers

Summary of Contents

Part I:              Common Law, Courts, Cases, Citations and Legal Education

Chapter 1.      Structure of the American Judicial System   
Chapter 2.      Sources of American Law: Common Law and Statutes
Chapter 3.      Publication and Citation of Judicial Opinions and Other Authority
Chapter 4.      Preparing for Class  
Chapter 5.      Legal English       
Chapter 6.      Legal Education and Law Practice in America 

Part II:            The Constitution:  Structure and Interpretation

Chapter 7.      Overview of the Constitution   
Chapter 8.      Source and Scope of Judicial Review     
Chapter 9.      Judicial Interpretation of Legislation     
Chapter 10.    Doctrines that Limit Access to Federal Courts  
Chapter 11.    Sources of and Limitations on Federal Legislative Power
Chapter 12.    Federal Constitutional Limits on State Legislative Power   
Chapter 13.    A Story: Liquor, the 21st Amendment and the Dormant Commerce Clause. 

Part III:          Individual Rights: Current Issues

Chapter  14.   Rights in Property: Due Process and Takings 
Chapter  15.   Right To Privacy: Due Process and Fundamental Rights 
Chapter  16.   Rights of Minorities in the United States: Potential Use of International Authority to 
                 Support Affirmative Action     

Part IV:           Contract Common Law, UCC and CISG

Chapter  17.    Formation of Contracts: Common Law (UCC) and CISG Compared 
Chapter  18.    CISG: Scope and Interpretation   
Chapter  19.    Excuse: Impossibility, Mistake and Hardship   
Chapter  20.    Contract Remedies at Common Law and Under UCC and CISG
Chapter  21.    Specific Performance