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Advanced Appellate Advocacy

Summary of Contents


Chapter 1: Overview of this Book and the Appellate Process
Chapter 2: Getting to and Staying in Appellate Court
Chapter 3: The Standards and Scope of Review
Chapter 4: The Planning and Learning Phase: Digesting the Record and Spotting Issues
Chapter 5: The Planning and Learning Phase: Researching the Merits and Synthesizing Authorities
Chapter 6: The Planning and Learning Phase: Selecting and Refining Issues and Developing Arguments
Chapter 7: The Writing Phase: Developing a Personal Writing Process
Chapter 8: The Writing Phase:  The Basics of Judicial Audience, Rhetoric, and Persuasion
Chapter 9: The Writing Phase:  Framing Your Client’s Story
Chapter 10: The Writing Phase:  Structuring Arguments Beyond IRAC
Chapter 11: The Writing Phase: Framing Arguments Beyond IRAC
Chapter 12: The Writing Phase: Drafting Specialized Sections, Revising to Perfection, and Filing the Brief
Chapter 13: Special Types of Briefs
Chapter 14: Preparing for and Delivering Oral Argument