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About the Book

Advanced Appellate Advocacy

Front Cover - Advanced Appellate Advocacy

First Edition

Susan E. Provenzano 
Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

Sarah O. Schrup 
Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

Carter G. Phillips 

Jeffrey T. Green

2016. 416 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-4720-5.

About the Book

Advanced Appellate Advocacy is a mastery textbook, designed to bridge students from second and third semester writing courses to appellate simulations and clinics that involve substantial writing projects.  Because it offers a robust appellate education, conveying the creativity, strategy, and sophistication behind real appeals, the text can also serve as a handbook for new lawyers entering appellate practice. This textbook is a first-of-its kind collaboration among authors with decades of appellate practice and clinical and legal writing teaching among them—and the author team includes Carter Phillips, one of the most highly rated Supreme Court advocates of our time. Advanced Appellate Advocacy also uses charts, diagrams, and reflection questions to engage readers, and practice pointers based on the authors’ interviews with appellate specialists and their own practice experiences are sprinkled throughout the chapters. The text is enriched by an on-line companion that houses all of the text’s exercises, additional briefs and working documents, and interviews with prominent appellate practitioners.

Key Features:
• Organized to track the progress of an appeal, the text offers students explicit process-based guidance linked to each phase
• Going “Beyond IRAC,” the text teaches more flexible, sophisticated writing approaches, illustrating them with models from expert appellate briefs
• Includes charts, diagrams, examples, and reflection questions