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An Introduction to Law and Economics

Summary of Contents:

Chapter 1.   Introduction 
Chapter 2.   Efficiency and Equity 
Chapter 3.   The Coase Theorem 
Chapter 4.   First Application Nuisance Law 
Chapter 5.   Second Application Breach Of Contract 
Chapter 6.   Third Application Automobile Accidents 
Chapter 7.   Risk Bearing and Insurance 
Chapter 8.   Fourth Application Breach of Contract Again 
Chapter 9.   Fifth Application Automobile Accidents Again 
Chapter 10. Sixth Application Law Enforcement Using Fines 
Chapter 11. Seventh Application Law Enforcement Using Imprisonment 
Chapter 12. Competitive Markets 
Chapter 13. Eighth Application Pollution Control 
Chapter 14. Ninth Application Products Liability 
Chapter 15. Tenth Application Principal-Agent Liability 
Chapter 16. Eleventh Application Suit, Settlement, and Trial 
Chapter 17. Twelfth Application Regulation
Chapter 18. Efficiency and Equity Reconsidered 
Chapter 19. A Summing Up 
Chapter 20. Conclusion
Bibliographical Appendix
Syllabi Appendix