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About the Book

An Introduction to Law and Economics

Fourth Edition

A. Mitchell Polinsky
Stanford University

2010. 200 pages. ISBN: 978-0-73558448-8.


About the Book

Distinguished by brevity, lucid writing, and well-chosen examples, An Introduction to Law and Economics, now in its Fourth Edition, focuses on a set of core topics that include property, contracts, torts, criminal law, and litigation. Avoiding specialized jargon and mathematics, Polinsky teaches students how to think like an economist and understand legal issues from an economic perspective.

Clear, succinct, and authoritative, An Introduction to Law and Economics features:
 Solid coverage of relevant economic principles
 A normative approach that illustrates how to assess legal rules and policies in terms of economic and social goals
 Clear explanations of concepts

Enhancements in the Fourth Edition include:
 A new chapter on regulation as an alternative to liability
 An updated bibliography
 A new appendix with a syllabus that can be used in conjunction with the book for a course on law and economics or as a guide to further reading



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