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About the Book

Perspectives on Property Law

Front Cover - Perspectives on Property Law

Fourth Edition
Robert C. Ellickson
Walter E. Meyer Professor of Property and Urban Law
Yale Law School
Carol M. Rose
Gordon Bradford Tweedy Professor Emeritus of Law and Organization
and Professorial Lecturer in Law
Yale Law School
Henry E. Smith
Fessenden Professor of Law
Harvard Law School
2014. 512 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-4202-6.

About the Book

Perspectives on Property Law continues its lengthy track record of success of combining fascinating and essential readings and materials pertaining to property law with author commentary. Now in its Fourth Edition, this update adds nationally renowned property scholar Henry E. Smith as co-author to its already impressive author team.

Among the new readings included in the Fourth Edition: 
• William Fischel's book on the Homevoter Hypothesis
• Libecap and Lueck's article on systems of land demarcation
• Peρalver and Katyal's book on property outlaws
• Robert Merges's article on the new dynamism in the public domain

Features include: 
• a wide selection of fascinating and essential readings on Property Law supplemented with the authors’ own commentary
• the addition of renowned property scholar Henry E. Smith to a well-known and respected author team
• an assemblage of leading writings on the fundamental issues of Property Law selected specifically by the authors
• each selection is accompanied by notes, questions, and commentary designed to deepen student understanding

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