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Consumer Bankruptcy Law In Focus

Summary of Contents

Table of Contents 

Chapter 1.  Introduction to Consumer Bankruptcy 
Chapter 2.  Secured and Unsecured Consumer Debt  
Chapter 3.  Collection of Consumer Debt Prior to Bankruptcy 
Chapter 4.  Introduction to Consumer Bankruptcy Practice 
Chapter 5.  The Chapter 7 Case: The Means Test and Other 
         Qualifications to File  
Chapter 6.  The Chapter 7 Case: The Petition, Supporting Schedules, 
         and Statements  
Chapter 7.  The Chapter 7 Case: The Order for Relief, Bankruptcy 
         Trustee, First Meeting of Creditors, and Automatic Stay 
Chapter 8.  The Chapter 7 Case: Creditor Claims  
Chapter 9.  The Chapter 7 Case: Property of the Estate  
Chapter 10. The Chapter 7 Case: Liquidation, Distribution, and the 
         Debtor’s Right to Reaffirm Debt or Redeem Property 
Chapter 11. The Chapter 7 Case: Non-Dischargeable Debt, Objections 
         to Discharge, Dismissal or Conversion, and the Final Discharge   
Chapter 12. The Chapter 13 Case: Debt Adjustment for an Individual 
         with Regular Income—Filing the Case 
Chapter 13. The Chapter 13 Case: Determining the Applicable 
         Commitment Period and Debtor’s Disposable Income     
Chapter 14. The Chapter 13 Case: The Plan: Treatment of Priority
         and Secured Claims  
Chapter 15. The Chapter 13 Case: The Plan: Treatment of Non-Priority
         Unsecured Claims  
Chapter 16. The Chapter 13 Case: Plan Confirmation, Modification,
         and Discharge 
Chapter 17. The Chapter 12 Case: Reorganization for a Family Farmer
         or Family Fisherman with Regular Annual Income 
Chapter 18. Jurisdictional and Procedural Issues in Bankruptcy Practice  

Appendix A. In re Marta Rinaldi Carlson Chapter 7 Bankruptcy [Inactive File] 
Appendix B. In re Roger H. and Susan J. Matthews Chapter 13 
         Bankruptcy [Inactive File] 
Appendix C. In re Abelard R. Mendoza Chapter 7 Bankruptcy [Active File] 
Appendix D. In re Nicholas W. and Pearl E. Murphy Chapter 

Table of Cases 
Bankruptcy [Active File]