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About the Book

Consumer Bankruptcy Law In Focus

First Edition

Stephen P. Parsons

2016. 750 pages. 978-1-4548-6805-7. Teacher's Manual available.

About the Book

Consumer Bankruptcy Law in Focus is an innovative approach to teaching consumer bankruptcy law that combines traditional instruction in the black letter of the law and critical analysis of substantive and policy issues with an additional, practical dimension intended to address the need for better ‘how to’ training at the law school level. 

Key Features:
• Fresh approach
• Instead of the “hide the ball” approach, selected cases illustrate key developments in the law and show how courts develop and apply doctrine
• Approachable manner and assessment features provide an experiential environment for students 
• Since students perform best when applying concepts to real-world scenarios, the In Focus Casebook Series offers many opportunities for students to apply their knowledge
• Assessment feature include:
o Real Life Applications
o Applying the Concepts
o Case Previews and Post Case Follow Ups

Preface / Sample Chapters