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Just Memos: Preparing for Practice

Contents     xi
Preface     xvii
Acknowledgments xix

Part I: Introduction     1

Chapter 1.    Making the Transition     3
Chapter 2.     The United States Legal System     15
Chapter 3.     Mandatory vs. Persuasive Authority     27
Chapter 4.     Reading Statutes     37
Chapter 5.     Reading Cases     51

Part II. Objective Memoranda, E-Memos, and Opinion Letters     75

Chapter 6.     Drafting Memos     77
Chapter 7.     Getting Started: Researching and Outlining the Memo     99
Chapter 8.     Drafting the Heading and Statement of Facts     111
Chapter 9.     Drafting the Issue Statement and Brief Answer     119
Chapter 10.     Drafting the Discussion Section     129
Chapter 11.     Drafting the Conclusion     175
Chapter 12.     Revising and Editing Your Memo     177
Chapter 13.     Drafting Memos Involving Different Types of Analysis     201
Chapter 14.     Drafting E-Memos     217
Chapter 15.     Drafting Opinion Letters     235

Index    251