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About the Book

Just Memos: Preparing for Practice

Fifth Edition

Laurel Currie Oates

Seattle University School of Law

Anne Enquist
Seattle University School of Law

2018. 282 pages. ISBN: 978-14548-9434-6. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

Focusing on the process of writing both formal and less formal legal memos, JUST MEMOS employs the same accessible approach that makes the authors’  flagship title, The Legal Writing Handbook, a perennial bestseller. JUST MEMOS will help American students transition from academic to legal writing and is an ideal choice for students or attorneys from other countries who want to learn how to write for American attorneys.

With the authors’ trademark clarity and focus, JUST MEMOS features:

  • Step-by-step instruction for writing every part of the memo
  • Numerous examples throughout the text
  • A useful overview of the U.S. legal system
  • Expanded instruction on case and statutory interpretation
  • Helpful examples of formal memos and e-memos
  • A new chapter in the  fifth edition on the difference between mandatory and persuasive authorities

Preface / Sample Chapters