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Negotiation: Processes for Problem Solving

Summary of Contents

Part I. Concepts and Models of Negotiation

Ch. 1.  Conflict Theory: Concepts of Conflict and Negotiation
Ch. 2.  Preparing and Making Your Case
Ch. 3.  Integrative Negotiation: Expanding the Pie and Solving the Problem
Ch. 4.  Distributive Bargaining: Dividing the Pie and Mixed Models

Part II.   Skills for Negotiation

Ch. 5.  Working with Your Client: Interviewing, Counseling, and Representing
Ch. 6.  Relating to Your Counterpart: Reputation, Trust, Rapport, and Power
Ch. 7.  Working with Your Counterpart: Understanding, Listening, Emotions, and Apology
Ch. 8.  Recognizing and Responding to Barriers in Negotiation
Ch. 9.  Dealing with Differences: Culture, Gender, and Race

Part III.  Law and Ethics in Negotiation

Ch. 10.  Ethics in Negotiation
Ch. 11.  The Law of Negotiation

Part IV.  Complex Negotiation Processes 

Ch. 12.   Multiparty Negotiation
Ch. 13.   International Negotiation
Ch. 14.   Facilitated Negotiation: Mediation for Negotiators