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About the Book

The Law of Patents 3E

Front Cover - The Law of Patents 3E

Third Edition

Craig A. Nard 
Case Western Reserve University

2013. 936 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-3150-1. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

A lean yet comprehensive casebook on the law of patents that features helpful introductory text, technologically-accessible cases, detailed comments, comparative and policy perspectives, and statutes.

  • Incorporates the America Invents Act, the most sweeping changes to the patent statute since 1952.
  • The move from a first-to-invent priority system to a first-inventor-to-file system
  • Significant changes to 35 U.S.C. section 102
  • Post-grant review of patent applications
  • Inter-partes review of patents.
  • Important new Supreme Court and Federal Circuit cases, including Myriad Genetics, Prometheus Labs, Global Tech, Akamai, Bowman, Actavis, and Therasense
  • Updated Comments and Comparative and Policy Perspectives
  • New and updated PowerPoint slides and website