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About the Author

Ann N. Murphy

E-mail address:

Photo - Ann N. Murphy Education:
B.A., Western Illinois University, 1979
M.A., (Economics) Western Illinois University, 1980
J.D., DePaul University, 1985

Professor Murphy joined the faculty in 2000, after working as an attorney for the Internal Revenue Service for nearly 15 years. While with the I.R.S., she  tried 50 cases before the United States Tax Court, dealing with issues including fraud, business deductions, mergers and acquisitions, TEFRA partnerships, corporate expenses, and exempt organizations.

Federal Tax Practice and Procedure, 2004 - present (contributing and upkeep author),Matthew Bender, LexisNexis

Book Chapters:
Reader in American Law for Chinese Law Students (Pending), Joint Project of Fulbright 
Foundation and the Hong Kong America Center, Chapter on Evidence
Book Chapter: Murphy, Ann, Tax Aspects of Divorce, Washington Law and Practice Manual, 
Chapter IX, Domestic Relations Practice, (Washington State Bar Association, ed.)
Book Chapter: Murphy, Ann, Community Property Deskbook, Chapter Seven, rewrote Innocent 
Spouse section, Taxation, (Washington State Bar Association, ed.)

Tax Law Communities, LexisNexis, Recent U.S. Tax Court Rule Changes
Tax Law Communities, LexisNexis, FRE 502: The Lawyer-Saving Provision for Inadvertent 
Waivers of Privilege
Tax Law Communities, LexisNexis, Gender Reassignment Surgery and Hormone Therapy: 
Section 213 Medical Expense Deduction Upheld
Tax Law Communities, Lexis, Tax Court Announces Mandatory e-Filing for Most Represented