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Demystifying the First Year of Law School: A Guide to the 1L Experience

Chapter 1  Introduction
Part 1  Legal Rule Application
Chapter 2  Legal Rules, Legal Categories, and Issue Spotting
Chapter 3  Issue Spotting in a Rule Application Case--Illustrative Examples
Chapter 4  Six Types of Legal Arguments Commonly Used in Rule Application Cases
Chapter 5  Reading Rule Application Opinions in Preparation for Class--Preparing a Case "Brief"
Chapter 6  Rule Application Opinions in the Classroom--Facts, Issues, Arguments, and Legal Rules
Chapter 7  Rule Application Opinions in the Classroom--Critiquing a Court's Arguments
Chapter 8  Rule Application Opinions in the Classroom--What Constitutes a Holding
Chapter 9  Rule Application Opinions in the Classroom--Making Arguments to Resolve New Issues
Chapter 10  Rule Application Opinions--Classroom Dynamics and Note Taking
Part 2  Legal Rule Creation--Creating Broadly Applicable New Legal Rules
Chapter 11  Reading Rule Creation Opinions in Preparation for Class--Preparing a Case "Brief"
Chapter 12  Rule Creation Opinions in the Classroom
Chapter 13  Rule Application and Rule Creation in a Single Opinion
Part 3  Arguments Revisited, Judicial Decision-Making, and Client Counseling
Chapter 14  Arguments Revisited
Chapter 15  Choosing Between Competing Arguments--The Subjective Nature of Judicial Decisions
Chapter 16  Helping Clients Make Decisions--Arguments Beyond the Court Room