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Criminal Procedures: Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials

Summary of Contents


Part 1. Gathering Information
I. The Border of Criminal Procedure: Daily Interactions Between Citizens and Police
II. Brief Searches and Stops
III. Full Searches of People and Places: Basic Concepts
IV. Searches in Recurring Contexts
V. Arrests
VI. Remedies for Unreasonable Searches and Seizures
VII. Technology and Privacy
VIII. Interrogations
IX. Identifications
X. Complex Investigations

Part 2. Evaluating Charges

XI. Defense Counsel
XII. Pretrial Release and Detention
XIII. Charging
XIV. Jeopardy and Joinder

Part 3. Resolving Guilt and Innocence
XV. Discovery and Speedy Trial
XVI. Pleas and Bargains
XVII. Decisionmakers at Trial
XVIII. Witnesses and Proof

Part 4. Measuring Punishment and Reassessing Guilt
XIX. Sentencing
XX. Appeals

Table of Cases