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About the Book

Mergers and Acquisitions: Law and Finance 2E

Front Cover - Mergers and Acquisitions: Law and Finance 2E

Second Edition

Robert S. Thompson
Peter J. Weidenbruch Jr. Professor of Law
Georgetown University Law Center

2014. 672 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-3765-7.

About the Book

The Second Edition, written by Robert B. Thompson, a leading scholar and teacher in the field, equips students with the legal rules and economic and financial principles they will need to help clients make keen strategic choices during an acquisition. Mergers and Acquisitions: Law and Finance offers up-to-date and rich, yet succinct, coverage with the perfect mix of theory and practice.  

Updated throughout, the Second Edition features:
  stellar authorship: Robert S. Thompson is known for both his top-drawer scholarship and his teachable casebook
  cases and materials illustrating the continued judicial tolerance of poison pills, still the most important takeover defense (the Air Products decision)
  a focus on how lawyers create value in a transactional setting: teaches not only the legal rules but also the economic and financial principles that shape the strategy of lawyers and the clients they advise, preparing students for practice
  notes and questions following each case helps students to understand who the parties in M&As were and what they were trying to accomplish
  the changing use of staggered boards in the fact of institutional shareholder criticism (e.g., willing to vote against directors who don't remove classified boards) and litigation (the Air Products decision)  
  judicial efforts to develop a uniform standard for cash-out mergers (the CNX decision)
  broadened attention to the role of activist shareholders in takeovers and updating of the CSX decision
  more material on federal rules including disclosure and antitrust and additional discussion on international aspects

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