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Negotiation: Appropriate Process and Problem Solving 2E

Summary of Contents

Part I.    Foundations of Mediation

Ch. 1.  Conflict and Dispute Resolution
Ch. 2.  Negotiation: The Foundation for Mediation

Part II.   The Mediation Process

Ch. 3.  Mediation: Concepts and Models
Ch. 4.  Descriptions of Mediations
Ch. 5.  Representation in Mediation: Skills and Practices
Ch. 6.  Mediator Skills and Practices
Ch. 7.  Legal and Policy Issues in Mediation
Ch. 8.  Confidentiality in Mediation
Ch. 9.  Ethical Issues in Mediation

Part III.  Applications of the Mediation Process

Ch. 10.  Mediation, Arbitration, and Other Hybrid Processes
Ch. 11.  Counseling and Planning for Mediation
Ch. 12.  Multiparty Mediation, Consensus Building, and Facilitated Processes
Ch. 13.  International Mediation
Ch. 14.  Thinking Critically About Mediation