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About the Book

Trials: Strategy, Skills, and the New Powers of Persuasion 2E

Second Edition

Thomas Mauet, University of Arizona

2009.  660 pages.  ISBN13: 978-0-7355-7721-3.
With Teacher’s Manual and Complimentary DVD.

About the Book

In Trials, Second Edition, national trial authority Thomas Mauet has organized and clarified contemporary trial theory and practice, emphasizing the jurors’ perspective, the increased necessity of an effective opening statement, and the importance now given to visual presentation at trial. 

With new material on the formalities of the courtroom setting—how lawyers conduct themselves before the judge and jury—the Second Edition of Trials features:

  • the latest research about jurors—how they process and evaluate people, information, and arguments, and how they reach collective decisions
  • how to construct and deliver an effective opening statement, with a consistent emphasis on the opening statement’s strategic importance
  • annotated examples of highly effective opening statements from both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s attorneys
  • the crucial visual elements of trial—developing a visual strategy and using electronic media in opening statements, closing arguments, and expert testimony
  • a step-by-step methodology for effective trial strategy and preparation
    o analyzing the case
    o developing a theory, story line, and theme
    o creating an emotionally compelling presentation
    o using a trial preparation checklist and notebook to get organized
  • instruction and examples for jury selection, closing arguments, and bench trials (as well as other hearings)
  • logical sequence of topics that traces the stages of a jury trial
  • consistent internal chapter structure and pedagogy
    The Law lays out the legal framework for each chapter
    The Jury’s Perspective provides sociological or psychological context
    o substantive exposition/instruction
    Common Problems describe pitfalls to avoid at each stage of the trial
  • complimentary DVD that provides examples of a trial notebook, video presentations of evidence, and effective opening statements and closing arguments for civil commercial cases; this DVD also includes a new 90 minute videotape of the trial of Gable v. Cannon that demonstrates trial courtroom procedures
  • the Teacher’s Manual offers Thomas Mauet’s advice for organizing and teaching a jury trial advocacy program, including a two-week session and a three-day program
  • a new 90-minute DVD shows a complete personal injury trial

Timely and practical, Thomas Mauet explains and illustrates the strategy, analysis, and planning of trial litigation with the voice of both courtroom and classroom experience. 

Preface / Sample Chapters