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About the Book

Pretrial 9E

Front Cover - Pretrial 9E

Ninth Edition

Thomas A. Mauet
Milton O. Riepe Professor and Director of Trial Practice
University of Arizona

David Marcus
Professor of Law
University of Arizona

2014. 430 Pages. ISBN: 9781454856337. With Teacher's Manual. 

About the Book

This clear and concise book organizes pretrial planning into a series of steps students can easily master. Students have almost no way to learn about how lawyers prepare and manage cases while in ordinary law school classes. Pretrial introduces students to aspects of case development and management, ranging from an initial client interview to the analysis of settlement strategy and terms, and it provides sample documentation for each stage of the civil case. These are the day-to-day tasks that litigators encounter all the time, but they are neglected by most ordinary law school courses. Pretrial helps to fill in the void.

Key Features of the New Edition

Text thoroughly revised by new co-author
Significant updates to sections on discovery and jurisdiction, to account for numerous new developments since the last edition.
Expanded and revised discussions of core procedural doctrines, including the law of class actions, summary judgment, and choice of law
New material on e-Discovery, liens, and other rapidly evolving litigation issues
Thorough revision to discussion of personal jurisdiction