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About the Book

Traversing the Ethical Minefield: Problems, Law, and Professional Responsibility

Front Cover - Traversing the Ethical Minefield: Problems, Law, and Professional Responsibility

Third Edition

Susan R. Martyn, University of Toledo
Lawrence J. Fox, Drinker Biddle & Reath

2013. 718 pages.  ISBN: 978-1-4548-0814-5.
With Teacher’s Manual.

About the Book

Using compelling problems and other pedagogical strategies for conveying materials effectively and memorably to students, this innovative casebook covers a wide range of ethical issues and challenges facing the practicing attorney. Short enough to provide focus but long enough to convey the rich texture of the material, Traversing the Ethical Minefield is student-friendly and highly teachable.

The Third Edition introduces new coverage of social networking and how this emerging phenomenon is shaping the law governing lawyers.

Hallmark features of Traversing the Ethical Minefield: Problems, Law, and Professional Responsibility:

  • Comprehensive coverage of a wide range of ethical issues through a combination of relevant and interesting problems, cases, ethics opinions, and thematic notes that showcase and clarify the developing law governing lawyers.
  • Student-accessible, teachable problems encourage nuanced explorations of the Model Rules, Restatement, cases, and materials, suited to both large- and small-classes.
  • Short stories illuminate ethical dilemmas in the context of legal practice.
  • Original thematic mini-law-review notes introduce students to the vast commentary about the legal profession and the law governing lawyers, organized around recurring themes: 
  • Lawyers’ roles in representing clients.
  • The law governing lawyers.
  • The limits of the law.
  • Practice pointers.
  • Lawyers and other professionals.
  • Lawyers in practice.
  • Text is short enough to cover in a typical course but detailed enough to provide thorough treatment of the issues at hand.
  • The innovative Teacher’s Manual provides basic and expanded information for each problem, including a short answer, a policy analysis, suggestions for additional hypos, and extensive citations to cases and materials that have considered the issue.
  • Annual statutory supplement with bound-in CD of state codes.
The revised Third Edition includes new material covering:

  • The effect of social networking and social media on the practice of law.
  • Developing ethical challenges to lawyers practicing in a networked world.