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About the Book

Electronic Commerce Statutory and Regulatory Supplement

2009 Professor's Update now available in Professor Materials.

2008-2009 Edition

Ronald J. Mann
Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

2008. 520 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-7814-2.

About the Book

Providing a range of statutory and regulatory material important to the study of electronic commerce, this 2008-2009 supplement complements Ronald J. Mann's casebook, Electronic Commerce, Third Edition. Featuring federal statutes, regulations, and rules; excerpts from the Uniform Commercial Code; European directives and conventions; domestic uniform acts and restatements; and other materials; this timely resource offers complete and up-to-date coverage of electronic commerce, both domestically and internationally.

Updates to the 2008-2009 Statutory and Regulatory Supplement include:

  • Revisions to Regulation E
  • Proposed UIGEA Regulations
  • GPLv3
  • Updates to Internet Tax Freedom Act


Part I: Federal Statutes (by popular name)
Part II: Federal Regulations (by CFR citation)
Part III: Federal Rules
Part IV: European Directives and Conventions
Part V: British Materials
Part VI: Domestic Uniform Acts & Restatements
Part VII: Other