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Real Estate Transactions: Problems, Cases, and Materials, 5E

Summary of Contents


Chapter 1: Market Context for Real Estate Transactions
Chapter 2: Real Estate Brokers
Chapter 3: Preparing to Contract
Chapter 4: Executory Contracts
Chapter 5: Condition of the Property
Chapter 6: Closing the Contract
Chapter 7: Contract Remedies
Chapter 8: Allocating Title Risk
Chapter 9: Land Descriptions
Chapter 10: Public Records
Chapter 11: Title Products
Chapter 12: Improving the Efficiency of the Title System
Chapter 13: Housing Products
Chapter 14: Possession and Use of Mortgaged Property
Chapter 15: Residential Mortgage Products
Chapter 16: Mortgage Obligations
Chapter 17: Foreclosure
Chapter 18: Mortgage Substitutes
Chapter 19: Junior Mortgages
Chapter 20: Basic Commercial Real Estate

Table of Cases