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About the Book

Anatomy of a Meltdown: A Dual Financial Biography of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Michael P. Malloy

University of the Pacific School of Law

2010. 336 pages. 978-0-7355-9458-6.

About the Book

Anatomy of a Meltdown: A Dual Financial Biography of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis. The global financial meltdown triggered by the subprime mortgage crisis is moving through national and international financial systems like a plague. The crisis is systemic, implicating the operations of the current regulatory regime and the efficiency and soundness of the market. Anatomy of a Meltdown tells the story of two firms, Lehman Brothers and WaMu one operating in the investment sector, the other in the consumer financial services sector that illuminates the nature and severity of the crisis and draws conclusions about the steps necessary to pull the financial system out of the current crisis and to avoid the next one.


  • Author Michael P. Malloy is an internationally recognized expert on bank regulation whose three-volume BANKING LAW AND REGULATION has been one of the leading treatises on bank regulation for over twenty years, and has been cited in Supreme Court opinions. He has authored or edited over 100 books and book-length supplements in such fields as banking and corporate/securities regulation, and international banking.
  • Electronic updates. The book features a cutting-edge web log that provides an effective supplement to the text on an always up-to-date basis. 
  • Balanced policy perspectives.  The book summarizes and explains the practical implications of the crisis, and takes the reader through a step-by-step, highly accessible analysis.
  • Core materials in the text will enable instructors to cover all the most fundamental legal and policy and practical issues raised by the crisis and the governmental responses to it.
  • Presents the core of key cases.  The text includes excerpts from the most recent and timely cases. Extensive notes aid the reader in understanding the policy and practical implications of the decisions.
  • Practical illustrations.  Dozens of examples and eye-catching graphic material engage the attention of the reader and spark class discussion.