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About the Book

Iraq: Guide to Law and Policy

Front Cover - Iraq: Guide to Law and Policy

Chibli Mallat
University of Utah and Saint Joseph’s University, Lebanon

2009.  Approx. 500 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7355-8484-6.

About the Book

Chibli Mallat, a recognized scholar and practitioner of Middle Eastern law, brings significant and continuing experience from the highest levels of law and diplomacy to this breakthrough text.   Iraq: Guide to Law and Policy represents a comprehensive overview of the American-Iraq relationship in war and nation building—exploring successes and failures—since the 2003 regime change in Iraq.

Iraq: Guide to Law and Policy features:

  • a thorough examination of the creation of the Iraqi constitution—the social, judicial, and cultural factors that contribute to its final shape, with a special focus on the resulting electoral laws
  • up-to-date coverage of all areas of Iraqi policy, ranging from oil and the economy to the constitution, security, and elections
  • thoughtful analysis of past mistakes, current choices & opportunities, and tactical & strategic courses of action in Iraq—a key Middle Eastern country and a major US foreign policy partner

An exciting new supplement for courses or seminars on constitutional, international, and comparative law, Iraq: Guide to Law and Policy offers fascinating insight into the historical and contemporary issues, law, and policy that shape the relationship between Iraq and the United States.