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Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach, 6E

Summary of Contents


Part One: The Creditor-Debtor Relationship 
Chapter 1. Creditors’ Remedies under State Law 
Assignment 1: Remedies of Unsecured Creditors under State Law 
Assignment 2: Security and Foreclosure 
Assignment 3: Repossession of Collateral 
Assignment 4: Judicial Sale and Deficiency 
Assignment 5: Article 9 Sale and Deficiency 
Chapter 2. Creditors’ Remedies in Bankruptcy 
Assignment 6: Bankruptcy and the Automatic Stay 
Assignment 7: The Treatment of Secured Creditors in Bankruptcy 
Chapter 3. Creation of Security Interests 
Assignment 8: Formalities for Attachment 
Assignment 9: What Collateral and Obligations Are Covered? 
Assignment 10: Proceeds, Products, and Other Value-Tracing Concepts 
Assignment 11: Tracing Collateral Value During Bankruptcy 
Assignment 12: The Legal Limits on What May Be Collateral 
Chapter 4. Default: The Gateway to Remedies 
Assignment 13: Default, Acceleration, and Cure under State Law 
Assignment 14: Default, Acceleration, and Cure under Bankruptcy Law  
Chapter 5. The Prototypical Secured Transaction
Assignment 15: The Prototypical Secured Transaction 
Part Two: The Creditor-Third Party Relationship 
Chapter 6. Perfection 
Assignment 16: The Personal Property Filing Systems 
Assignment 17: Article 9 Financing Statements: The Debtor’sName 
Assignment 18: Article 9 Financing Statements: Other Information 
Assignment 19: Exceptions to the Article 9 Filing Requirement 
Assignment 20: The Land and Fixtures Recording Systems 
Assignment 21: Characterizing Collateral and Transactions 
Chapter 7. Maintaining Perfection
Assignment 22: Maintaining Perfection Through Lapse and Bankruptcy
Assignment 23: Maintaining Perfection Through Changes of Name, Identity, and Use 
Assignment 24: Maintaining Perfection Through Relocation of Debtor or Collateral 
Assignment 25: Maintaining Perfection in Certi?cate of Title Systems
Chapter 8. Priority 
Assignment 26: The Concept of Priority: State Law 
Assignment 27: The Concept of Priority: Bankruptcy Law 
Chapter 9. Competitions for Collateral 
Assignment 28: Lien Creditors Against Secured Creditors: The Basics
Assignment 29:    Lien Creditors Against Secured Creditors: Future Advances
Assignment 30:    Trustees in Bankruptcy Against Secured Creditors: The Strong Arm Clause
Assignment 31:    Trustees in Bankruptcy Against Secured Creditors: Preferences
Assignment 32:    Secured Creditors Against Secured Creditors: The Basics
Assignment 33:    Priority in Land and Fixtures
Assignment 34:    Multiple Items of Collateral, Marshaling, Cross-Collateralization, and Purchase Money Priority
Assignment 35:    Sellers Against Secured Creditors
Assignment 36:    Buyers Against Secured Creditors
Assignment 37:    Statutory Lien Creditors Against Secured Creditors
Assignment 38:    Competitions Involving Federal Tax Liens: The Basics
Assignment 39:    Competitions Involving Federal Tax Liens; Advanced Problems
Assignment 40:    Why Secured Credit?

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes