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About the Book

Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law: Concise Fourth Edition

Concise Fourth Edition

Lisa G. Lerman
Professor of Law Emerita, The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law

Philip G. Schrag
Delaney Family Professor of Public Interest Law, Director, Center for Applied Legal Studies, Georgetown University Law Center

2018. 736 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-9128-4. With Teacher’s Manual.

This is the companion website for the Concise Fourth Edition. For the companion website of the Third Concise Edition, click here.

About the Book

A concise edition of a highly successful problem-based textbook with a contemporary and thoughtful approach to challenging ethical dilemmas, encouraging deep analysis and lively class discussion. 

Features include: 

  • succinct and accessible explanation of lawyer law in question and answer format; 
  • numerous problems for classroom discussion based on actual cases, in which students must analyze the ethical and strategic issues as if they were in the shoes of lawyers;
  • focus on issues that students are most likely to face in their early years of practice; 
  • stimulating presentation of materials, including cartoons, tables, and photos; 
  • excellent teacher’s manual with detailed discussion guides for every problem, clear guidance for teachers about how to teach this problem method course, course planning, lesson planning, and more; and
  • companion website with materials for classroom use, including teaching notes, power point slides, and audio interviews with lawyers in some of the cases.

Hallmark features of Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law, Concise Edition

  • Reflects the authors’ broad range of teaching, clinical, and policy-making experience, and their long commitment to development of successful law teaching pedagogy
  • Problem method generates lively class discussion and will help train students to be more alert to ethical problems in practice and to be better equipped to address difficult dilemmas in practice
  • Clear expositions of the law allows professors to devote the majority of class time to interactive discussion of the problems
  • Transforms the course from an often boring upper-class requirement to a learning environment that is educationally rich, engaging, and fun
  • Unique teacher’s manual with detailed discussion guides for every problem (formatted for use as class notes) and on how to use the problem method
  • Background research on the real cases on which the problems are based, so that an instructor can conclude the discussion of each problem by telling students what happened in the real case
  • Problem-based approach, where real-life cases form basis of most problems, offers students a practical way to test their understanding
  • Graphics (cartoons, tables, photos) throughout, which  make the presentation lively
  • Shocking examples of recent lawyer misconduct maintain student interest
  • Many students say this book is the most readable of any law school textbook
  • Professor Cynthia Batt, Stetson, writes that this book “has the BEST teacher’s manual of any text ever”
  • Companion website with materials for classroom use, including teaching notes, Power Point slides, sample syllabi, updates, and audio interviews with lawyers who handled cases used as problems in the book: 

Thoroughly updated, the Concise Fourth Edition presents:

  • Updates of countless recent developments in lawyer law, including the amendments to Rules 1.6, 1.18 and 8.4
  • Up-to-date discussions of how the Internet is affecting law practice, including the use of e-mail and social media
  • Engaging two-color design
  • New chapter on the changing legal profession
  • Reorganized so that the chapters match the practice MPRE questions in Lerman, Schrag and Gupta’s “Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law: Model Rules, State Variations and Practice Questions”

Preface / Sample Chapters