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About the Book

Negotiation Theory and Strategy

Front Cover - Negotiation Theory and Strategy

Third Edition

Russell Korobkin
Richard C. Maxwell Professor of Law
University of California, Los Angeles

2014. 528 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-3926-2. With Teacherís Manual and Simulation Materials.

About the Book

Negotiation Theory and Strategy combines narrative text, materials from the social sciences, and cutting-edge legal scholarship. Organized into a logical analytic framework, Korobkin's conceptual approach provides students with an effective structure for understanding the negotiation process and improving their skills. This concise casebook, along with simulations included in the teacher's manual, teaches students how to analyze and apply strategic concepts through analysis and problem solving. 

Negotiation Theory and Strategy, Third Edition, features:

  • introductions to theoretical perspectives that provide different avenues for approaching negotiation 
    economics and game theory
    cognitive and social psychology
    legal and business analysis
  • excerpts from leading negotiation scholars that reflect a variety of fields, such as law, business, psychology, and economics
  • complete teaching materials that will support a two-, three-, or four-unit negotiation course and include
    - narrative text and excerpted materials
    - questions and problems for in-class discussion
    - negotiation simulation exercises (in the Teacher's Manual)
  • a modular chapter design that adapts to a variety of teaching objectives
  • clear and engaging writing
  • generous use of hypotheticals and examples

Updated throughout, the Third Edition offers:

  • restructured treatment of the psychology of persuasion
  • a Part III framed to emphasize the critical importance of the relationship between negotiators
  • expanded treatment of "trust" with more discussion of extensive experimental data
  • new treatment of methods used to deal with the negative emotions that result from conflict
  • completely new simulations added to reinforce bargaining zone analysis, persuasion techniques, coping with emotions, and principal-agent relationships in negotiation

With its flexible organization that is easily adapted to a variety of teaching objectives, Negotiation Theory and Strategy, Third Edition, promises a stimulating class experience along with generous teaching support.