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Russell Korobkin is the Richard C. Maxwell Professor of Law and the faculty director of the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Program at the UCLA School of Law.  In addition to Negotiation Theory and Strategy, he is the author of K: A Common Law Approach to Contracts (2012), and more than 50 journal articles on the subjects of negotiation, contracts, and other areas of law, business, and human behavior.  A former San Francisco management consultant and Washington D.C. lawyer, Professor Korobkin earned his undergraduate and law degrees from Stanford University.  In addition to UCLA, he has taught full time at the University of Illinois, University of Texas, and Harvard University Law Schools, and he has taught intensive negotiation courses to undergraduates, MBA students and law students at 10 universities on four continents.  He also provides negotiation training for professional groups, negotiation consulting, and mediation services.