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Problems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials 8E

Summary of Contents


Chapter 1. An Introduction to the Study of Contract Law  
Chapter 2. The Basis of Contractual Obligation: Mutual Assent and Consideration  
Chapter 3. Liability in the Absence of Bargained-for Exchange: Reliance on Gratuitous Promises, Unaccepted Offers, and the Principle of Restitution 
Chapter 4. The Statute of Frauds  
Chapter 5. The Meaning of the Agreement: Principles of Interpretation and the Parol Evidence Rule  
Chapter 6. Supplementing the Agreement: Implied Terms, the Obligation of Good Faith, and Warranties 
Chapter 7. Avoiding Enforcement: Incapacity, Bargaining Misconduct, Unconscionability, and Public Policy  
Chapter 8. Justification for Nonperformance: Mistake, Changed Circumstances, and Contractual Modifications 
Chapter 9. Consequences of Nonperformance: Express Conditions, Material Breach, and Anticipatory Repudiation Chapter 10. Expectation Damages: Principles and Limitations 
Chapter 11. Alternatives to Expectation Damages: Reliance and Restitutionary Damages, Specific Performance, and Agreed Remedies 
Chapter 12. Rights and Duties of Third Parties 

Appendix: Answers to Review Questions 
Table of Cases 
Table of Uniform Commercial Code Provisions 
Table of Provisions from Restatement (Second) of Contracts 
Table of Provisions from Restatement (First) of Contracts 
Table of Provisions from Other Restatements Table of Other Acts, Codes, and Rules 
Table of Secondary Authorities