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About the Book

International, United States and European Intellectual Property

Front Cover - International, United States and European Intellectual Property

F. Scott Kieff
Professor of Law
The George Washington University Law School
Ray and Louise Knowles Senior Fellow
Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Faculty Member, Munich Intellectual Property Law Center

Ralph Nack
Attorney at Law
Bird & Bird
Faculty Member, Munich Intellectual Property Law Center

2006. 736 pp. ISBN: 9780735562875

About the Book

This truly international book provides a complete and comprehensive textbook covering all areas of intellectually property law from a global, European and American perspective. It has been developed over three years of teaching a full international intellectual property curriculum at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC) as an innovative and unique collection designated for general use in law school and private practice for a worldwide IP community. International, United States, and European Intellectual Property aims to meet the needs of both students and professionals interested in intellectual property law as an easy-to-use reference source.

Along with the wealth of content offered in this materials supplement, the structure and presentation add another layer of value.

  • The layout has been optimized for a maximum quality of approachability and readability
  • For easy navigation, each body of materials has a separate index number printed on the top outer corner of each page
  • The book website features an Online Addendum with additional materials and updates to the print edition.