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About the Book

Sales: A Systems Approach 6E

Front Cover - Sales: A Systems Approach 6E

Sixth Edition

Daniel Keating
Washington University

2016. 624 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4548-5792-1. 

About the Book

Emphasizing the institutions and the mechanisms that participants use in the marketplace to conduct transactions, Daniel Keating’s “Systems Approach” provides a functional perspective of the Uniform Commercial Code in practice. Comprehensive, problem-based coverage encompasses the domestic sale of goods, real estate sales, leases, and international sales.  Thoughtful problems for students to solve incorporate insights from this distinguished author’s interviews with leading figures in commerce as well as from actual sales forms and documents. News stories provide real-world examples of how the system works in practice. Organized by Assignments, this engaging casebook lends flexibility in teaching and in course design.

Key Features:
• More than 60 multiple-choice assessment questions for students with detailed explanations for each question.
• Over a dozen new cases, most of them decided within the last few years.
• One of the best Teacher’s Manuals in the field, with more than 250 helpful pages including syllabus suggestions, in-depth answers to each problem, and four complete essay exams and model answers.
• An additional 60 problems and answers for classroom use are available to professors on the Companion Website.