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About the Authors

Howard E. Katz

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Howard Katz co-authored a widely-read book on law school teaching in 2009.  He is a member of the Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA) Best Practices Implementation Committee. His background includes teaching and administrative positions at a variety of law schools including George Washington, Pittsburgh, Howard, Tulane and George Mason, as well as teaching business ethics in two MBA programs. He has taught constitutional law, land use planning, torts, property, contracts, criminal law, managerial law and ethics, real estate finance, and legal analysis over the course of more than 25 years of law school teaching. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Case Western Reserve University and a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard University. His scholarly interests include law school pedagogy and curriculum, land use planning, urban policy, and constitutional law.

Katz worked for six years as the Director of Strategic Planning and Policy for the Cuyahoga County Treasurerís Office in Cleveland, Ohio, designing a housing program that won a national EPA Smart Growth award and working with the Federal Trade Commission on initiatives to curb abusive lending practices. He also has served as the chief counsel to the Cleveland City Council. Katz regularly advises on urban policy and presents before various forums on land use and urban development. He was awarded a Knight Fellowship by the University of Miami School of Architecture, was the Senior Fellow at the American Architectural Foundation in Washington, D.C. (where he worked primarily on issues of school design), and is a member of the Congress for New Urbanism.



Kevin Francis O'Neill

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Kevin Francis O'Neill is an Associate Professor at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, where he teaches first amendment rights, civil procedure, evidence, constitutional law, and contracts. His scholarship focuses on the Speech Clause of the First Amendment, with particular emphasis on public protest and forum access issues.

Prior to entering academia, Mr. O'Neill served four years (1991 to 1995) as the Legal Director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio. He was responsible for supervising all ACLU litigation in the state of Ohio, trying selected cases himself, lecturing on constitutional issues at conferences and seminars, and explaining law and ACLU policy to the news media. During his tenure at the ACLU, Mr. O'Neill focused special attention on First Amendment issues, reproductive freedom, police misconduct, and government mistreatment of the homeless. He continues to serve as an ACLU volunteer attorney on First Amendment cases. Acting in that capacity, he negotiated a settlement in September 2001 that restored to Ohio Death Row inmates the traditional privilege to deliver a last dying speech.

Prior to joining the ACLU in May 1991, Mr. O'Neill was a trial lawyer at the national law firms of Smith & Schnacke (now Thompson, Hine & Flory) and Arter & Hadden (now Tucker, Ellis & West).  During his seven years in commercial litigation, Mr. O'Neill represented clients from a broad range of locales -- from California to Saudi Arabia. His work has spanned all phases of trial and appellate practice, including cases decided by the Ohio and U.S. Supreme Courts.

Professor O'Neill is frequently interviewed on First Amendment issues.