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About the Book

An Illustrated Guide to the Rules of Civil Procedure

Second Edition

Michael Allen and Michael Finch
Stetson College of Law

2011. 350 pages. ISBN:  978-0-7355-0953-5. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

An Illustrated Guide to the Rules of Civil Procedure Second Edition is the next-generation civil procedure litigation supplement. It includes a hypothetical but realistic age discrimination suit to illustrate the operation of the principal rules studied in a first-year Civil Procedure course. 


  • Supplements a Civil Procedure course by providing students with a realistic but hypothetical age discrimination case for studying the procedural rules in action. The hypothetical case is designed to be comprehensible to first-year students without talking down to them. It carries students from a client’s initial visit with a lawyer through trial and ultimate resolution of the case.
  • Features a 2-color design that is visually appealing, using a variety of devices such as notes, question sets, student tasks, tactical tips, maps and other illustrations that bring the material alive in a way that is different from anything else on the market. There are even legal cartoons to lighten students’ mood from time to time!
  • Provides a case-based exploration of most procedural rules examined in a one-semester or two-semester course, including rules related to pleadings, motions, discovery, joinder, pretrial disposition, and trial. Also explores issues of jurisdiction, Erie, Rule 11, and case management.
  • A good first introduction to some of the principles of professional responsibility that influence civil litigation.
  • Allows students to actively participate in the litigation process by making strategic and tactical litigation decisions along with the lawyers. Students review and critique illustrative common litigation documents such as complaints, answers, motions, and discovery papers.
  • Updated rules references match the 2007 “re-styling” of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
  • Updated based on other changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: (1) recent amendments changing the time periods within which most actions under the Rules need to be taken; (2) the addition of new provisions to address issues related to the discovery of electronic information; (3) and amendments to the Rules scheduled to take effect on December 1, 2010 concerning summary judgment and discovery related to expert witnesses.
  • Uses recent Supreme Court decisions that have a significant impact on various topics in the book have been added.
  • Material from Appendix B in the first edition (concerning jurisdiction, venue, service, and choice of law) has been integrated into the early chapters to make the book more user-friendly.
  • Designed for use as an in-class required text to supplement the materials instructors already use. It is also can serve as an out-of-class reference for students to explore on their own.
  • Can be used by teachers who begin Civil Procedure with the study of jurisdiction and Erie, as well as by teachers who begin with the study of the rules of pleading 
  • Functionally and visually distinct pedagogical features:
    • Rule References at the beginning of each chapter cite all rules used in the chapter
    • Illustrative Litigation Documents offer simple yet realistic illustrations of litigation documents pertaining to most of the major topics covered in Civil Procedure
    • Tasks that engage the student in both prosecution and defense are interspersed throughout each chapter
    • Numbered Question Sets are interspersed throughout each chapter
    • Tactical Tips in each chapter share conventional litigation wisdom
    • Notes in each chapter succinctly convey information that complements the text
    • Tables throughout the book summarize important procedural information
  • A comprehensive Teacher’s Manual to provide guidance in using the text with suggested answers to discussion questions.