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Family Law, 5E

Front Cover - Family Law, 5E

Fifth Edition

Leslie Joan Harris
Dorothy Kliks Fones Professor of Law
University of Oregon

June Carbone
Edward A. Smith/Missouri
Chair of Law, the Constitution and Society
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Lee E. Teitelbaum
The Late Hugh B. Brown Professor of Law
University of Utah

2014. Approximately 1,100 pages. 978-1-4548-2512-8. With Teacher's Manual.

About the Book

Family Law is a modern and teachable casebook for the family law course, offering comprehensive coverage and a mix of interdisciplinary materials.

Look for these features in the new edition:
Developments on marriage promotion/divorce reform efforts, which include mandated marriage classes
Case law on parental alienation/friendly parent provisions with increasing numbers of women losing custody
The continuing move away from the marital presumption, with new cases from Kentucky
The extension of estoppel principles in parentage decisions, particularly in California and New York
Update of states recognizing same-sex partners' parenting rights
A brief new section on the right to know biological parents, including the new case in Canada
Update on new statutory regulation of surrogacy including limitations to women with established medical need
International recognition of assisted reproduction, with a new case from France refusing to grant citizenship to child of French parents born to surrogate abroad.

Preface / Sample Chapters